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The Classroom

"In Walls that House the Minds of Yore.

By IsraPublished 29 days ago 1 min read
The Classroom
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In the hush of morning's gentle light,

Where minds awaken, eager and bright,

A classroom hums with whispered grace,

Books unfold their wisdom's embrace.

Rows of desks, a symphony of pens,

Ink flows, creating futures unseen.

Chalk dust dances, marking time,

On the canvas of knowledge, a paradigm.

Teacher's voice, a guiding thread,

Weaving tales of words unsaid.

Curiosity blooms in eager minds,

As learning's tapestry gently binds.

Laughter shared, friendships grow,

In the classroom's steady flow.

In walls that house the minds of yore.

Oh, classroom sanctuary, cradle of thought,

Where futures bloom and lessons are taught.

sad poetry

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