the bullied

by Cheryl Duffy 2 months ago in sad poetry

time to forgive

the bullied
Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

My throat is dry, hand trembling.

Heart is racing, I want to run, run far away.

It has been decades, but I still feel small.

Scars from cruelty still mar my soul.

She was important to me, a teacher and role model.

Honoring her is why I am here.

Taking all my strength to sit here amongst those I no longer recognize.

The shame, embarrassment of a past that you don’t even remember shakes me.

As I finally see your face, her son, you look worn and old.

The years have been unkind to you.

Emotions find release in this as I silently forgive.

sad poetry
Cheryl Duffy
Cheryl Duffy
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