The Blow

by Esme Alvarez 10 months ago in heartbreak

I can see the fire... yellow, orange, and red. I can see the smoke.

The Blow

You think I can't tell

But I've been through it before

I'm an expert at this

I can feel you drifting away,

you're not here anymore

Your mind is somewhere else,

you don't think of me anymore

Your heart is searching for something new,

there is something I'm not able to fulfill

Your attention is on the next one,

I am not your main attraction

You're trying to make it the best

To soften the blow

for when you drop the bomb that I predicted since you walked in

The end that I've been idly waiting for since the beginning of us...

How does it work?
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Esme Alvarez

I started writing as a way of getting things off my chest or head. It makes me feel a little less crazy. To those that are living in fear due to mental illness: you are strong, you are a warrior and you are not alone.

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