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The Best Part of the Day


The Best Part of the Day

The sun sets way too fast for my liking.

That moment of the day right before the sun sets, you know the one...

The one that only lasts about a half hour?

Yeah that one...

That is my most favorite part of the day.

I love the way the earth looks.

The land here at the ranch.

The neighborhoods back home.

It was my favorite time to grab my bike and hit the road back in Vegas.

It was the way it looked outside each Tuesday and Thursday as I walked out of science class hand in hand with the one I loved.

It was the way it looked as I skipped home from soccer practice in the fall knowing I'd get to see him soon.

I love the way the sun lights up everything for one last little bit before it all goes dark.

Everything gets bright and gold for a moment, because the sun is so close to the earth.

All the shadows and streaming rays of sunlight.

My jaw drops.

Without fail, I am always in complete awe.

Over and over and over again.

I wish the sun would sit at that same spot all day long.

That spot right above the trees.

That spot just above the mountains.

Not quite touching either, just hovering above both.

If I could have a whole day that looked the way it does just before sunset every evening–

I would be in heaven.

But, the sun must set.

It's a love-hate relationship.

Me and the sunset.

I love the sunset.

The orange glow.

The pink clouds.

But I wish the process of setting the sun would last a little longer.

I wish I could see more of the day looking like that.

That pre-sunset glow.

Almost all the light is gone now...

There's just a tiny reflection left on the pond...

The sky's about to turn orange...

I must go.

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Megan Merrill
Megan Merrill
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