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The Bells that Sang 'La Dolce Vita'

Amalfi's melody reset my heart and find 'The Sweet Life."

By Crystal A. WolfePublished 10 months ago 2 min read
Image of the author and Amalfi coast, captured by Crystal A. Walker

Italy is the Land of Romance.

It's where every view is more than a glance.

However, it's the coast of Amalfi

where circumstances made me blessed and lucky.


I recall the moment I realized this:

Quenching my desire for vino in ultimate bliss.

With the sunset and the sun's magnificent hue,

my eyes captured something only Rubens Santoro could do.


Gazing at the sunset, I studied the grape vines;

The taste of blackberries and currant was well-defined.

Yet, the void in my heart was left unfilled.

Somehow, the villa's warm hearths allowed hope to rebuild.


After all sorts of 2020 problems and my father's death,

I could tell that my soul had nothing left.

So, I sought out Italy as a place to heal,

even with the hope that I'd relocate my zeal.


Silently, I heard the whispers on the breeze,

"Let Italia take care of you. Put your mind at ease."

She continued, "Here, the meaning of 'La Dolce Vita' rings true,"

Suddenly, the town's bells made me attune.


The heavenly church bells rang in the air,

their angelic echo up the cliffs, a moment I don't want to share.

Along the Amalfi, their sound emits grace,

engraving a spot in my heart, time, and space.


Each chime rang with perfection,

calling to my beaten soul for reconnection.

I clutched the smooth stones in a swoon

but caught myself watching a tear fall into the lagoon.


The Amalfi coast is filled with several colors, sights, and sounds.

However, it was where I allowed my worries and anxiety to drown.

I healed. I was renewed. A new purpose in life came into view.

Suddenly, my appreciation for 'La Dolce Vita' grew.


This was the moment I needed for contemplation and reflection.

Despite all of my travels, the Amalfi provided the ultimate introspection.

My anxiety was a ticking time bomb,

but hearing the Amalfi bells provided the utmost calm.


Her song touched my beaten soul.

Suddenly, Italia made me feel whole.

It was as though heaven was speaking,

"Now is your time for self-seeking."


The meaning of 'La Dolce Vita' pierced my heart.

It convinced me it was time for a fresh start.

If it weren't for her consoling chime,

I would have missed 'The Sweet Life,' which is sublime.

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Crystal A. Wolfe

Blogger | Creative Writer | Traveler | Full-Time RVer

You can find all of my articles on my blog as well on Medium where I'm most active in Humor, Lifestyle, and Travel. I've self-published one fantasy fiction with the sequel in the works.

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  • Naveed 5 months ago

    Your writing is simply amazing. I must say that I found this piece to be very well crafted and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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