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The Beauty Of The Heart

"The Beauty of the Heart: Illuminating Love's Radiance"

By Dr BilalPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In the garden of the soul, a flower blooms,

Radiant and vibrant, casting away all gloom.

Its fragrance dances on the gentle breeze,

A testament to the beauty of the heart's decree.

The heart, a mirror reflecting love's embrace,

A reservoir of grace, a sacred space.

In its depths lie treasures untold,

A universe of emotions, stories yet unfold.

Oh, seeker of truth, let the heart guide,

For it holds the wisdom, a divine tide.

Its beauty transcends all worldly sight,

A beacon of light, shining pure and bright.

When the heart opens, love's petals unfurl,

Bathing the world in its ethereal swirl.

Compassion flows freely, a gentle stream,

Nurturing connections, like a luminous dream.

The beauty of the heart lies not in outer form,

But in the depths of kindness, where souls are reborn.

It speaks a language, universal and true,

Uniting all beings, connecting me and you.

Let not the veils of ego cloud its grace,

Embrace its essence, let it take its place.

For in the beauty of the heart, we find,

The eternal flame of love, forever intertwined.

So, tend to your heart's garden with tender care,

Let love blossom, let it permeate the air.

For in the beauty of the heart's endless art,

We discover the essence of our very own heart.

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Dr Bilal

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