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The beauty of Sleep


By Safa JamaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The beauty of Sleep
Photo by Isabella Fischer on Unsplash

In the quiet of the night, we lay our heads to rest,

Drifting into dreams, where our minds are truly blessed.

Sleep, gentle sleep, wraps us in its embrace,

Taking us to a world of peace and grace.

As we close our eyes and let go of the day,

Sleep whispers softly, chasing worries away.

In the realm of slumber, we find solace and calm,

A refuge from the chaos, a soothing balm.

Through the darkness of the night, we journey deep,

Exploring realms unknown, where secrets keep.

In the realm of dreams, we find our truest self,

Unfolding mysteries, like a book on a shelf.

So let us embrace the gift of sleep each night,

For in its gentle arms, everything feels right.

Restoring our spirits, renewing our soul,

Sleep is a treasure that makes us whole.

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