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The beauty of life

A poem about a girl named Lyly on an adventure to find the beauty of everyday life

By SMGTrungPublished about a month ago 2 min read

Lyly's quest for the beauty of her life

In a world so vast, young Lyly roams,

With dreams of finding beauty, she leaves her home.

Eyes like stars, heart pure and bright,

She sets forth at dawn’s first light.

Through whispering woods and fields of green,

Lyly seeks what remains unseen.

The rustling leaves, a symphony,

Each step a note in nature’s melody.

She finds the morning dew on petals new,

Glistening like diamonds in the view.

A butterfly’s dance, so delicate and free,

A fleeting glimpse of life’s mystery.

Mountains high and rivers wide,

Lyly journeys far and wide.

In every scene, a story told,

In every breath, a world unfolds.

She sees beauty in the city’s rush,

In the quiet moments when all is hush.

The kindness of strangers, the warmth of a smile,

In these small acts, she finds her mile.

The stars above, in night’s embrace,

Whisper secrets of endless space.

Lyly marvels at their ancient light,

Guiding her through the darkest night.

In laughter shared and tears that fall,

Lyly learns the beauty of it all.

The joy of love, the pain of loss,

Each emotion a bridge to cross.

Through every trial and every test,

She finds beauty in doing her best.

In every shadow, every light,

Lyly discovers life’s true might.

For beauty lies not in grand displays,

But in the quiet, everyday ways.

In simple things and gestures kind,

The truest beauty, she does find.

With open heart and open eyes,

Lyly sees the world’s disguise.

Beneath the chaos and the strife,

She finds the gentle beat of life.

Her journey’s end, a new beginning,

In every end, a fresh beginning.

Lyly’s quest, forever ongoing,

In the search for beauty, she’s always growing.

So here’s to Lyly, brave and true,

Finding beauty in all she’ll do.

For in her heart, a flame does burn,

A timeless lesson, we all must learn.

To see the world through Lyly’s gaze,

In simple moments, find our praise.

For beauty’s quest is never done,

In every heart, it has begun.

These lines, a tribute to her quest,

May inspire hearts and minds to rest.

To seek and find, as Lyly does,

The beauty of life, just because.

nature poetry

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    SMGTrungWritten by SMGTrung

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