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The Avalanche and the Eclipse

A poem about endings

By Crystal JacksonPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Avalanche and the Eclipse
Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

You didn’t have to look me in the eyes

When the words that broke my heart

Fell from your lips

You didn’t have to feel the darkness

When you created that eclipse

You could just leave

Behind the wreckage in your rearview

You never looked back to see me grieve

You never had to see me lose my faith

Where once I had believed

How easy it must have been to choose

To leave me there and go

Not knowing you’d be the one to lose

I don’t have to look you in the eyes

As the words I type hurt your heart

And leave you betrayed

You can’t defend your choices

Or explain all the reasons you couldn’t stay

I just let those barbed words fall

An avalanche of pain in my rearview

I couldn’t see at all

I never had to see the cold hit your heart

And make what we had turn small

It was never easy to love and lose

I could bear it all until

I couldn’t bear losing you

Avalanches fall in this eclipse

I didn’t see your eyes

When the words fell from your lips

And you couldn’t see my tears

When you put down the phone

We were there together,

Hurting and alone

I’d have changed a million little things

Words and tones and messages

Thoughts typed out on a screen

And it wouldn’t change a goddamn thing

Or fix the end or make you a friend

Or make our story start again

How difficult it must have been to choose

To let go of what we built

Never knowing we’d both lose

How difficult it was — and how brave

To face the pain and still decide

You deserve to be the one you save.

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About the Creator

Crystal Jackson

Crystal Jackson is a former therapist turned author. Her work has been featured on Medium, Elite Daily, NewsBreak, Your Tango, and The Good Men Project. She is the author of the Heart of Madison series and 3 volumes of poetry.

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