The Art of Love

by Kelsie Tyler 2 years ago in love poems

All you need is a little bit of love.

The Art of Love

Love is a strong force.

It comes in many forms.

Some are obvious and some are not.

The obvious one is saying "I love you."

But what about the not so obvious? Well, let's think of some!

Texting or calling a loved one throughout the day to see how they are doing. Offering to help someone who is distraught, not saying anything, but just holding them as they let out their emotions. Making someone a drink or food even though they didn't ask for anything. Going to special events that a friend or loved one was looking forward to.

You see, the art of love can come in many, many forms. Love is all around us even if we don't notice it. Love is good. Love is kind. Love is art.

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Kelsie Tyler
Kelsie Tyler
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Kelsie Tyler

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