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by Alyssa Wright 10 months ago in surreal poetry


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The antithesis

They say that you are patient but your temper told me otherwise,

They told me you were supposed to be kind but all you ever did was hurt me..

They said you were suppose to be without envy,

But for some reason I always felt like I didn't measure up…

I never looked as pretty as the other girls you had before but the size of my heart didn't matter..

They said you're not boastful and full of pride…

Instead you paraded me around like we were some type of superficial couple on tv

Why couldn't you just enjoy us alone….nothing was secret between us.. just between us and the rest of the world;

Tell me did it make you feel more like a man or was this all to just make your ex jealous…

They said you wouldn’t dishonor me, you weren’t self-seeking

But somehow you use me over and over again..

You became an addict and I was your drug of choice, as hard as it was for me to admit you were my drug of choice too….

But it was always about you and your fix…..what about me?!

They said you were forgiving, you don't keep a record of wrongs...but yet you look at me like the mistakes were yesterday….

You question our future based on the past;

My past is your ammunition in arguments….why can't you forgive me like I forgave you?!

They said that you will protect me but if you were supposed to be my protector then why did I need to be protected from you?!

They said you always trust but yet you micro analyze everything I do…..

They say you always hope but why lie to myself and hope for a future in something that is dead?!

They said you would never fail and in some hilarious way you did!

~Alyssa Wright

surreal poetry

Alyssa Wright

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Alyssa Wright
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