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The American Canvas

A Poem From A Citizen Artist

By Myles D. GoethePublished 7 years ago 1 min read
Bristle Brush, Canvas, Wooden Palette and Tubes of Acrylic Paint. 2017. 

What truly makes a nation great?

Is it our military?

Is it our ruling party?

No it is our nation’s people

Their color of character, of course

Not a color

Not a group of colors

But all the colors

The White

The Black

The Brown

The Mixed

The Synonymous and the Complementary

Every person is a color

And thus have the potential to richen any land

But be weary of pride

Do not even teach pride

For pride leads even noble souls to folly

One’s color is not an achievement of merit

And is omitted of pride

Have confidence in your color and being who you are

Not pride

Be knowledgeable of your own surroundings

Do not adhere to that which makes you comfortable

Complacency creates stagnation

Which in turn feeds ignorance

And indulges chauvinism

Observe and embrace uncertainty




And build one another up

It takes color to make a masterpiece

And America is the Canvas.

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About the Creator

Myles D. Goethe

I'm an artist who paints, write, draws comics and make jokes at just how messed up things really are. I believe if you can face the horrible truth in life then you can find happiness much easier.

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