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The Allure of Jewels


By Ashish Kumar MauryaPublished 11 days ago 1 min read
The Allure of Jewels
Photo by Grahame Jenkins on Unsplash

Sparkling diamonds, precious stones,

Adornments fit for queens and thrones,

A symphony of colors and light,

A dazzling display that's truly bright.

The allure of jewels is hard to ignore,

Their beauty and brilliance we all adore,

A treasure that's been sought after for ages,

A symbol of love that's passed down through the pages.

From simple chains to intricate designs,

From solitaires to clusters that shine,

The allure of jewels is a sight to behold,

A true testament to the artistry of old.

They represent love, they represent wealth,

They signify status, they signify health,

But most of all, they signify the bond,

Between two souls that's forever fond.

So let the allure of jewels light up your day,

And let their beauty take your breath away,

For there's nothing quite like the sight,

Of a jewel that sparkles in the light.

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