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The Allure of Danger

Exploring the Paradoxical Relationship between Beauty and Danger

By RamyaPublished 8 months ago 1 min read

Beauty and danger, intertwined
Two forces that cannot be confined
A paradox of life, so sublime
One tempts us in, the other warns us in time

The rose so lovely, with petals soft and bright
But beware of the thorns, sharp and barbed in sight
The ocean so vast, with waves that crash and roar
Yet its beauty captivates us, forevermore

The mountains so majestic, with peaks that touch the sky
But the treacherous paths, can make one falter and die
The sun so warm, with rays that light up the land
But its scorching heat, can be too much to withstand

Beauty and danger, forever entwined
A reminder that life is not always kind
We must embrace the beauty, but heed the warning too
For in this delicate balance, lies the key to what is true.

performance poetrysad poetryinspirationalfact or fiction

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