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By RamyaPublished 8 months ago 1 min read

Broken girl by the society,
Tossed and turned, no piety.
Judged and mocked, not a friend,
Her brokenness has no end.

The girl is shattered, cracked and torn,
Her spirit bruised, her heart forlorn.
She wants to be seen, to be heard,
But society labels her absurd.

She is the girl with the broken smile,
Living in a world that's so vile.
They tell her to be strong and brave,
But they never offer her a save.

Her thoughts are scattered, she feels alone,
In a world where she doesn't belong.
The words of others cut so deep,
Her pain she can't even speak.

The girl with the broken soul,
Is struggling to regain control.
Her past haunts her, the present too,
And her future seems out of view.

She cries herself to sleep at night,
Wishing she could find the light.
But society doesn't care,
For the girl with the broken stare.

They laugh at her, call her names,
Never realizing she's in pain.
But she keeps on, she stays strong,
Even though her road is long.

One day she'll find her way,
And her brokenness will fade away.
The girl with the broken heart,
Will find her place, and make a new start

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