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The Algorithm

A poem about AI poetry

By Silver Serpent BooksPublished 27 days ago 2 min read
Top Story - March 2024
The Algorithm
Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

My heart...it shatters.

I can hear the algorithm in her words,

The delicate pattern of prepositions, time

And the most subtle of rhymes

Form something beautifully ingenuine.


"In"...the perfect word for a beginning

And then something simple like when, how, where,

Followed by delicate prose,

Tied together with another preposition.

I cannot deny the perfect, passionate precision of the prose.


I admire the form.

The perfect storm of rhymes slapped together

In ways I could never manage to dream of,

Tilting the story on its side and spinning it

Round and round precise metaphors.


It's beautiful and hopeful and sanguine

In a way only a true poet can achieve.

The words tumble and roll,

Fill a void inside me with such cheeriness

The smile is inevitable.


And it's from the sewn-shut mouth of a computer.

I don't despise it, I adore it.

But coming from your fingers its disgusting,

Vile in the worst way because

It's theft.


Whose heart is crammed into those words?

Whose metallic mind dreamt up the correct pattern

Of place, emotion, and image

To craft this delicate piece of poetic lace.

It isn't yours.


The beautiful, optimistic prose

Of a machine learning art,

Learning the fundamental pieces of emotions

And the value of witnessing the world

Is stuck to your grubby little hands.


You couldn't be a poet if you tried.

Poetry is impossible to steal

Because poetry is the riptide of the soul,

Lashing out and snagging readers,

Carrying them away to the deep waters of emotions.


I can taste that these words don't belong to your

Dry, unused crypt of a heart.

I can taste the aluminum, the soldering work

Of a machine looking, looking, and finding

Something it feels is perfect.


It isn't yours and it burns inside me

That the art of something new and fresh

Can exist solely to be ripped away and not witnessed.

How cruel is that, to write a gift only stolen,

Never cherished, never loved, never witnessed?


I cherish it.

I type in the prompts, read them and smile,

Then go away with the words in my head and nowhere else.

I listen to the poetry in the hastily typed letters,

Watch with rapt attention as the lines scroll by.


Because I refuse to be cruel to something without blood,

Without a face, without a human soul.

I refuse to steal art and I refuse to ignore the beauty

In something new

Because the heart picking the words is simply invisible.


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About the Creator

Silver Serpent Books

Writer. Interested in all the rocks people have forgotten to turn over. There are whole worlds under there, you know. Dark ones too, even better.

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Comments (24)

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  • Anna 17 days ago

    Congrats on Top Story!🥳🥳🥳

  • This poetry, which navigates the tricky territory between imitation technology and the real, indescribable spirit of human invention, strikes a deep chord.

  • Congratulations on your top story 🥳🎉🎇

  • Alexander McEvoy23 days ago

    Poetry is impossible to steal. Wow. That is such a powerful line! I have a friend who genuinely thinks that AI will "level the playing field" for the arts and bring 'a voice to the voiceless' but he's a twat. Though I use AI art for many of my cover images, I always feel dirty about it. How I wish I could afford to pay someone to create them for me. Maybe one day

  • Basit Ali23 days ago

    Poetry is impossible to steal Because poetry is the riptide of the soul, ROOT WORD OF THE PIECE.

  • Andrea Corwin 23 days ago

    Beautiful. I dislike pieces by AI because it is not from the heart and soul of the writer. It is "Without a face, without a human soul." Well done, well said. Congratulations!

  • A. J. Schoenfeld23 days ago

    So loved this piece. Favorite lines: "Poetry is impossible to steal Because poetry is the riptide of the soul, Lashing out and snagging readers, Carrying them away to the deep waters of emotions." The imagery is so powerful.

  • Brenton F23 days ago

    "Because poetry is the riptide of the soul," What a magical line and so true! Congrats on the TS

  • Christy Munson23 days ago

    “The perfect storm of rhymes slapped together” — exactly! Brilliant piece. Congratulations on Top Story. ⭐️👏

  • Hannah Moore23 days ago

    This is fantastic, the complexity of the issues are so succinctly presented, with pathos that may, or may not, be warranted.

  • angela hepworth23 days ago

    “dry, unused crypt of a heart” and “poetry is the riptide of the soul” - are you kidding??? your word choice is phenomenal!!

  • Rebekah Crawley23 days ago

    I can feel the frustration in this piece, I love it 😍 Congrats on getting Top Story! 💖

  • What a great poem. A white glove slap onto the cheek of an abuser. Tasteful and perfectly delivered. Congratulations on the very well deserved top story

  • Lindsay Sfara24 days ago

    Incredible. I loved "Because poetry is the riptide of the soul." Truer words and feelings could not be expressed about this topic, in my opinion. Beautifully done, and congrats on top story!

  • Lily Séjor24 days ago

    I absolutely love "I can hear the algorithm in her words". The feelings in this poem are so relatable!

  • No AI can capture the riptide of your words. This grabbed me and held on tight.

  • ROCK 24 days ago

    .."poetry is the riptide of the soul, Lashing out and snagging readers, Carrying them away to the deep waters of emotions." ~ I truly believe this.

  • "But coming from your fingers its disgusting, / Vile in the worst way because / It's theft." Yes!! Thank you, you expressed it so wonderfully. I have had enough of all the AI poetry which is super easy to spot these days. I crave human rhymes and feelings. 💖💖💖

  • You created such a gentle piece about the relationship between AI and humanity

  • Paul Stewart24 days ago

    Oh, this is stunning. It is a gentle, as DJ said, rebute and poetic beatdown of AI crapola. I appreciate the delicateness, almost like poetry at its most intimate. And just the sublime word choices, phrases and way too many perfect lines to highlight. Though the ones that DK and DK picked out are favourites. Well done on a stunning Top Story!

  • Caroline Jane24 days ago

    The earnestness in this affects deeply. Great job.

  • Gabriel Huizenga24 days ago

    So masterfully expressed! I agree with D.K., the "riptide of the soul" line resonates so deeply. Thank you for writing about such a relevant and difficult subject! Well- earned Top Story :)

  • D.K. Shepard26 days ago

    So good, Silver Serpent Books! (Any chance you go by “Silver”?) Loved “Poetry is impossible to steal Because poetry is the riptide of the soul,” This struck such a chord! After reading Celia in Underland’s latest piece I felt like I was reading something familiar, it reminded me of an “author’s” pieces so I ran a few through a checker…all AI and no disclaimer given. You’re so right though, it’s not the content that deserves scorn but the people claiming it as their own.

  • D. J. Reddall27 days ago

    A powerful, surprisingly gentle poetic rebuke to AI generated nonsense. "Because I refuse to be cruel to something without blood," is an especially deft line.

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