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That First Summer Glow

by Joyce Kay 2 months ago in love poems

My puppy’s first summer

That First Summer Glow
Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

My puppy has that first summer glow,

He has walked through the crunchy leaves,

And has run through the cold, fluffy snow,

Muddy paw prints are gifts the house receives.

By Janek Holoubek on Unsplash

He runs outside on a warm summer day,

Wildly chasing after his favourite ball,

These warm summer days are the best time to play,

It is the the most miraculous season of them all.

By Mia Anderson on Unsplash

He cautiously sticks a paw into the water at the lake,

However, in these waters he has not interest to roam,

There is no other explanation, this must be a mistake,

The lake water is much colder than his baths at home.

By Pat Rindone on Unsplash

He listens to the birds signing as they sit in a tree,

And watches with interest as they sore through the sky,

He always observes things that I don’t even see,

And I often ask myself if he ever wonders “why”.

By Martin Dufosset on Unsplash

My puppy’s first summer is flying by fast,

And here I am trying to make each moment last.

By Joe Caione on Unsplash

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Joyce Kay
Joyce Kay
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