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Terrible T's

Telling truth tautologies.

By Scott NinnemanPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Terrible T's
Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Terrifying trauma

Tugging truth's tears

Taunting tomorrow

Troubling today


Turning to traders

Trusting to tell

Tunneling to topple

Talking to tame


Tolerating Tuesdays

Taking twelve tablets

Treating top talents

Typing two tales


Tarnishing trophies

Trusting tomorrow

Torturing tremors

Tailing truthtellers


Tearing to tatters

Trying to triumph

Toting ten tons

Trending toward two


Treating tough turmoil

Tending to tools

Teasing tall tigers

Tapping ten toes


Triggering terrors

Touching tired trends

Tossing tequila

Testing temptations


Tinting tomorrow

Treading today

Twisting together

Tipping tainted tea

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About the Creator

Scott Ninneman

Bipolar for 49 years, chronically ill for 36. The voice behind the Speaking Bipolar blog. Wrestles taxes by day, wrangles words at night. Thinker. TV Addict. Poet. Links: https://speakingbipolar.com/socialmedia

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