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Tell The Truth

Tell the truth, be valid, be earnest In a world loaded with untruths and double dealing

By NoonajPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Tell The Truth
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Tell the truth, be valid, be earnest

In a world loaded with untruths and double dealing

Allow your words to be a guide of light

Directing others with clearness and trustworthiness

Genuineness is an ideals, an interesting jewel

That sparkles brilliantly in an ocean of lies

It is the underpinning of trust and regard

Building spans among hearts and psyches

Be straightforward with yourself, with others

Talk your reality with conviction and boldness

Try not to be influenced by the bait of trickery

For genuineness is the way to internal harmony

Embrace the power of truth, of honesty

Also, watch as your life changes

Loaded up with authenticity and integrity

A life worth living, a life well-lived

So tell the truth, be valid, be earnest

For genuineness is a definitive gift

That we can provide for ourselves as well as other people

A gift that really continues to give.

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Nice work

Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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  1. Heartfelt and relatable

    The story invoked strong personal emotions

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