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Tea Walk, Part 2

by Roman Gabrielo 4 years ago in love poems

The Ravaging

Tea Walk, Part 2

He slept, but not for long.

She was hungry

Ready to ravage,

And be ravaged

Starting from the edge of the bed

Eyes, shifting color to azure

Signifying a new focus

And locked on her prize.

Fingertips pressed inside his

Massive thighs, parting ways so

She can taste the skin of him

At first touch with her tongue

He twitches, and then warmth

She grins, devilish, putting taste buds on him

Small circles along the shaft, to the head

Her shoulders pushing under his legs and

Bending his knees.

She is fully between him now.

He is fully inside her mouth.

He writhes, eyes closed, but

Strong hands feeling for that

Sunkissed hair, still wet from the

Goddess’ bath.

He wants to guide her, hands on head

She allows it

Though her mouth still controls through

Calculated repetitions of

Drawing his heat, blood from within

Until his shaft stands its tallest.

When she has him at his peak,

The Katawashishiw rolls over

To her hands and knees

Square in the center of their bed.

He knows his next position

He knows to circle around

And to stand behind her

Hands on the hourglass waist

And insert, inch by inch

Through her waiting, warmed box

She grips the black fur covers

And grunts from somewhere primal.

She can't wait for him.

She rocks her body back

Until he is fully in.

All he can do now is watch himself

In calculated repetition

Slide in and out

Her hips, sending waves back to his groin as

He watches the flow of her spine

Undulating, rising, falling with his thrusts.

She is still primal in her sounds,

Grunting, shrieking, smiling, mouth open

Receiving what she's dreamt of

Since dawn.

The prize she craves is almost ready

Because his calculated repetition

Becomes erratic, almost uncontrollable,

Save for the grip on her waist.

She feels his growth in her

She hears him panting

And arches her back to take him deeper.

When his grip is removed, she pushes off

Spins on her knees to face him

And her irises fade to silver.

He backs from the bed

Allowing her to slide down

Kneel before him

Rose-colored lips open

Eyes gazing at his.

He strokes, explodes

With a heavy gasp

His manhood in front of her,

Sticky seed to her mouth

And flushed cheeks, and swollen breasts

Katawashishiw smiles,

Feeling even more beautiful

Drinking the drops

More satisfying than the chamomile she had

On this morning’s Tea Walk.

Special thanks to Reddit user u/insatiableblonde for inspiration

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Roman Gabrielo

Roman Gabrielo is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in erotic short stories, namely his 48XTC series that explores encounters stemming from a mysterious phone app. Follow him on Snapchat : Alamedaking510

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