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Tasteless spaghetti

Living in misery

By Queen anonymous Published 2 years ago 2 min read
Tasteless spaghetti
Photo by Mahmoud Fawzy on Unsplash

As I eat this spaghetti that taste like absolute nothing I am thinking of you.

I try to drown you out with my drinking yet I find you here in my thoughts; you are just as I remember, tasteless as this spaghetti.

We broke up weeks ago and now I am sitting here at week 4 still thinking about this tasteless spaghetti. Although we were never together it felt like I was your forever.

Why is it tasteless you ask??? I have Corona Virus again, everything tastes like nothing, I will wake up tomorrow and think of this that I write tonight.

Dear beloved,

I love you and I always did, unfortunately you have found satisfaction in other women. I must give up but I cannot for I love everything about you. I just don’t understand why you would entertain others, it makes no sence in my mind. You don’t even want to be my friend, you have blocked me from all social networks.

I guess you did everything right except one thing and that is why I can’t let go, because you are so perfect. I will drown in my tears with hope that I don’t wake up the next morning because you are not with me.

What is this spell you have cast upon me that I cannot shake. What was the point of all this, you were so charming so caring, so generous, it left me with many questions that I probably will never get the answer for.

You are someone so angelic in my eyes yet I find out your as evil as anyone I have ever known. You are tasteless spaghetti.

Deep in my thoughts I sit and eat and there is not a taste of spaghetti and not a taste of you. Why make someone feel so good just to play them in the end. I guess I will never understand.

Soft glare, holding hands, kissing lips, soft touch and all I can get is tasteless spaghetti.

And I will drown my thoughts and I will write this song and I will think of you and I will cry for you and this tasteless spaghetti.

I wish you would at least send me a friend request again and we could be friends but you don’t see me and this tasteless spaghetti.

Even my dog is sad and she knows that I am falling apart, she follows me around just to make sure I’m okay, because she isn’t touchy, and she likes her space but she knows that something is awfully wrong with me. I guess you can say dogs know energy, and she sure feels mine, that’s why she is here watching me eat a tasteless spaghetti.

I toss and turn this tasteless spaghetti hoping for some rest but as much as I try it’s still tasteless and I cannot sleep.

And isn’t spaghetti in romance movies ?

All is gone, I ate it all, it’s over. No more pain no more ache, and no more suffering, last but not least, no more tasteless spaghetti.

Thank you for reading :)

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