Talking to the Moon: Part 2


Talking to the Moon: Part 2

Who am I?

Jack Frost

That's my name but who am I really that is a question.

I can't answer.

Jack Frost

All I know is that I woke up from a lake looking at the moon.

Who said "Jack Frost"

No one can see or hear me

What have I done to make you leave me alone?

Will anyone hear me?

Did I die? If so this must be my hell.

I kill people,

I lose control and storms start

five people died from my storm last night, I can name each person Michael, John, Rebecca, Susan, and James. I saw their families grieve over the lost of a member.

The world doesn't need a monster like me around.

Lock me up

Burn me

Do whatever you want, but then I would have to be seen and heard.

And you can't have that.

So no! More people will suffer because I can't control my powers.

It will not be blood on my hands but YOURS!

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