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Tale of Peter Pans’ Flute and Lady Liberty’s Torch:

by Saroyan Coles 2 years ago in social commentary
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Narrative Poem

Tale of Peter Pans’ Flute and Lady Liberty’s Torch:
Photo by Fahri ramdani on Unsplash

You stand on

your made in Russia soap box...


words as believable as,

“Children do not like popping bubbles!”


wash your mouth out with soap,

to cope with a virus,

you believe to be a hoax.

PSA US of A,

just be a peach and ingest bleach.

Interject, “That’s just fake news! “

A catch phrase too often used.

A president does not run its country into the ground!

OR pout in a tweet!

A president lifts up a country in times of need!

Leadership is defined as,

organizing and taking action.

You possess none of these qualities mister.

Women stabbed on a bus in their hijab-

Men being lynched,

found hanging off tree limbs—

Shot laying in their beds.

Children thrown in cages,

covered up with tin foil,

like they were bake potatoes!

This is your idea of boarder control!

Protesters, taken from their peaceful march-

thrown in the back of unmarked vans,

in the name of your administration.

Morality, not your strong suit!

First lesson,

any political science major knows,

the difference between

democracy and a dictatorship

is corruption.

So, hold onto your make America great again memorabilia.

A nasty,

independent woman,

is appointed to the highest office.

“Ssh women are speaking now!”


take your hand off of America’s pussy.

We are blowing the whistle on you!

No means no!

We sigh,

in relief

that your terrorist regime

has come to an end.

The lock


of locker room

talk has changed.

Done with all the mind games,

met with

Confuzzled, contrite, contempt

So play your flute Peter Pan,

only ones who follow you,

are the three blind mice,

Who do not,

notice your song is out of tune.

Sending prayers,

for our countries full recovery.

We are the United States America!

Not Divided States of America!

Stay strong!

Lady liberty

is holding up her torch for us!

social commentary

About the author

Saroyan Coles

I want to empower others with my writing. I have always dreamed of seeing my name, on something.

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