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A Tragic Tale of Lost Glory and Broken Promises

By Touseef AhmedPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Photo by T Foz on Unsplash

Syria, which was once famous by the name, 'The land of mercy' has now lost its glory. There was a time when people used to wake up by the sound of their alarms and not by the terror of the bombs. There was a time when the citizens used to run for their jobs and not for their lives. There was a time when the children used to listen to the chirping of the birds in the morning and not the screams. The so-called time played a very important role in their life. Their world now seems to be snatched away from them. Taken away from them on false promises, promises that were made with the intention never to fulfil. A statement that was less an oath and more of a business deal.A bond that had been signed by the blood of the native citizens that clearly focused on not only wiping out half of their community under the false slogan of 'Removing terrorism' but also annihilating half of their land resources so as to make impossible for the coming generations to stand for their rights.

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Touseef Ahmed

English Honours graduate, writing curative English content for the past five years.

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  • Felista Estep Sutherland8 months ago


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