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"Sylvan Reverie"

"Exploring the Mystique of Whispering Woods"

By Mubashira KachhotPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In the woods where shadows dance,

Beneath the canopy's gentle trance.

I walk the path of dappled light,

Nature's whispers, soft and bright.

Tall trees stand like ancient guards,

Their branches reach, embracing yards.

A symphony of rustling leaves,

Beneath my feet, the earth receives.

Through the silence, a bird's sweet song,

In the heart of nature, where I belong.

Mossy stones and ferns at play,

In this woodland realm, I find my way.

Sunlight filters through the green,

A lustrous world, a tranquil scene.

The scent of pine, the earthy floor,

As I wander, seeking something more.

Creatures of the wild, unseen,

In the quiet, where they convene.

Footsteps soft on the carpeted ground,

In this wooded sanctuary, peace is found.

Paths unfold like tales untold,

In the heart of nature, secrets hold.

I walk, a wanderer in the wood,

Where solitude and silence are understood.

Each step a dance, a rhythmic grace,

In this enchanting, secluded space.

Among the trees, a serenade,

A timeless journey in the woodland glade.

I find my solace, calm and good,

In the sacred silence of the wood.

A symphony of nature, pure and free,

As I walk, a part of eternity.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This was such a evocative poem! Loved it!

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