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Sweet Sensations

Exploring the World Through the Five Senses

By Mogomotsi MoremiPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

In this world so sweet and fair,

There's much to taste, touch, hear, and share.

So come along and take a dive,

And let your senses come alive.

With a hint of sugar on your lips,

And the taste of honey on your tongue,

Your taste buds dance with such sweet bliss,

As you savor every single crumb.

A symphony of flavors in your mouth,

As the sweetness washes over you,

You cannot help but smile with joy,

As the world becomes new.

And oh, the joy of a chocolate cake,

With its layers of rich, velvety cream,

It's a pure delight with every bite,

And a dessert fit for a dream.

A gentle touch of a lover's hand,

As they caress your face so tender,

It sends shivers down your spine,

As you feel their love surrender.

The warmth of the sun upon your skin,

As it bathes you in its golden glow,

And the feel of a soft summer breeze,

As it brushes past your cheek so slowly.

And the coolness of the ocean waves,

As they lap against your toes so lightly,

It's a soothing balm for your soul,

And a wondrous sensation so right.

The sight of a rainbow after the rain,

With its colors so bright and bold,

It's a sight that fills you with wonder,

And makes your heart feel so whole.

The beauty of a summer sunset,

With its hues of orange and gold,

It's a sight that takes your breath away,

And leaves you feeling so bold.

And the sight of a child's smiling face,

As they laugh and play with such glee,

It's a sight that fills your heart with love,

And a joy that's so sweet and free.

The scent of fresh-baked apple pie,

With its cinnamon-spiced aroma,

It's a smell that fills the air so sweet,

And makes you feel right at home-a.

The fragrance of a blooming rose,

With its delicate petals so fine,

It's a smell that lifts your spirits up,

And makes you feel oh-so-divine.

And the scent of a loved one's perfume,

As it lingers on the evening breeze,

It's a smell that brings back memories,

And a comfort that's sure to please.

The sound of laughter on a summer's day,

As children play and have such fun,

It's a sound that fills your heart with joy,

And happiness that can't be undone.

The rustling of the leaves in the wind,

As they dance and sway so freely,

It's a sound that soothes your soul,

And a peace that's so serene.

And the sound of a loved one's voice,

As they whisper sweet nothings in your ear,

It's a sound that fills your heart with love,

And a feeling that's oh-so-dear.

So come along and explore this world,

With all your senses so alive,

For there's so much sweetness to be found,

In every moment and every dive.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Mogomotsi Moremi

Author and Web developer

Telling stories, one word at a time. Bringing worlds to life through my books and articles. #WriterLife #NeverGiveUp

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