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Sweet innocence

Pureness of an innocent heart

By Mr.KhanPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Seeing a child laughing with joy

Jumping in the mud

Made me feel like

A free bird is flying up in the sky

His expressions were like there is no sorrow

Everyone is lively and happy

There is always a good today

And there’ll always be a better tomorrow

His heart was even innocent and pure

With no dirt and stain

Yet I was afraid as soon

He’ll find a cruel world and has to endure

Sometimes I imagine where do the past go

When there were beautiful days

And everyone around to care

Then time passes slowly yet quickly we grow

I wish a child could retain his innocence and joy

His happiness like a blossom

His purity like a flower

Then Imagine a beautiful world none can destroy

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About the Creator


I like to write in Education, Social, History, Tech & cyber sec, sometimes psychology/sentiments too.

Oh, and btw love to talk about horror and paranormal stuff ;)

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