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Sweepers of Streets


By Reyan AliPublished 7 months ago 2 min read
Sweepers of Streets
Photo by Refhad on Unsplash

In the city's bustling heart, where life unfolds,

Amidst the chaos and stories yet untold,

There exists a band of heroes, often unseen,

Whose noble duty keeps our surroundings clean.

With tireless spirits, they rise at dawn's break,

Ready to tackle the mess that others forsake.

Clad in bright vests, under the morning sun,

They venture forth, where others would often shun.

Oh, mighty guardians of the discarded debris,

Your valor shines bright for all to see.

In this symphony of waste, you dance with grace,

Taking pride in your labor, never losing pace.

From the humble homes to towering abodes,

Through crowded alleys and forgotten roads,

You navigate the labyrinth of cluttered streets,

Gathering refuse in your trusty fleet.

With steady hands, you wield your trusted tools,

From bin to bin, ensuring no corner rules,

Collecting stories in each discarded piece,

Unearthing secrets and providing release.

Through every plastic bag and rusty can,

You grasp the essence of a life's short span.

You see the remnants of dreams once cherished,

And the remnants of hopes that have since perished.

Oh, custodians of filth, masters of the waste,

In you, we find a beauty not to be misplaced.

For it takes a noble heart to embrace the grime,

To see the worth in what others call a crime.

You teach us lessons of humility and care,

That no task is menial when handled with flair.

In your selfless duty, we find inspiration,

To honor each occupation with admiration.

So let our voices rise in heartfelt cheer,

For the unsung heroes who draw so near,

Garbage collectors, your work does not go amiss,

For you turn our waste into a world of bliss.

Let this ode be a tribute to your honorable role,

To the keepers of cleanliness, making us whole.

Sweepers of the streets, we celebrate your might,

Guiding us towards a future shining bright.

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