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Surround Yourself with Love

by Mecca-Amirah Jackson 4 years ago in love poems

Different Types of Love

As you grow, you learn that

There are variations of love

And that none are more

Powerful, but different.

You learn to depend on

Those different loves as you

Grow, as you change,

As the world changes around you.

I love you becomes blurred,

No longer sacred, no longer

As easy to define. We are

So eager to force a name

On an emotion we are

Pressured to push away.

But as you grow, stumble,

Thrive, and slumber, you

Learn that as long as you

Surround yourself

With love instead of hate,

You can learn how to be okay.

—Surround yourself with love, never hate.

love poems
Mecca-Amirah Jackson
Mecca-Amirah Jackson
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Mecca-Amirah Jackson

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