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"Sunshine Appreciation"


By sedhu sundarPublished about a year ago 1 min read

The sun shines brightly in the sky,

A golden orb up high,

It warms the earth with its rays,

And brightens up our days.

It casts a warm and gentle light,

Dispelling darkness with its might,

And brings life to all it touches,

From the flowers to the bushes.

The sun shines down upon the sea,

And dances on the waves with glee,

It paints a picture with its light,

A sight that's truly out of sight.

So let the sun shine down on you,

And chase away the morning dew,

For in its warmth and gentle light,

You'll find a world that's shining bright.

Acting on this poetry, you could take a moment to step outside and bask in the warmth of the sun. You could appreciate the beauty of the sunlight as it dances on the waves or filters through the leaves of the trees. You could also take a walk or have a picnic outside to fully immerse yourself in the sun's rays. You could even write your own poem about the sun and share it with others to spread the joy of its warm and gentle light.

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