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Day in and Day out

By Sara WynnPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Frames of lighthouses and oceans move;

the sun crawls orange across the room.

Split curtains cut the bleeding light;

red cardinals sing sharply outside.


The inside is alive with music--

barefoot trills, kitchen acoustics;

dancing, with dinner on the stove;

water leaks crack the ceiling above.


When the sun sets and the silver looms,

glowing owls and coyotes croon.

Dreams assume, and blue beams lurk;

buried memories awaken her.


Hiding crickets chirp their symphonies,

the high moon stares back, patiently.

Wisps of wind spin thick midnight air

between folded hands, whispered prayers.


The yellow porch light lures tattered moths,

bright starry eyes, out, staring off;

far away, near the lucky sea,

but sleeping under the same moon tree.


Quiet shifting, dripping coffee brews;

the sun creeps new across the room.

Breezes kiss lace curtains aside,

wind chimes charming on the porch outside.


The inside comes alive with music,

barefoot trills, kitchen acoustics;

wishing, with breakfast on the stove;

water leaks crack the ceiling above.

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About the Creator

Sara Wynn

Poetry is my language, and Earth is my playground.

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