A depressed sunlight


It's a Saturday morning,

and sunlight is sneaking into my room through my blinds

Its the only thing that still comes to check up on me

whether it comes a little late on few cold days

or comes really early on warm days

but it still shows up..

where is this kind of loyalty in the people around me

I feel like their laundry bag

that gets to spend time with them once every single thing has - even the washroom

yet after knowing the feeling of being left behind,

not being asked whether I am okay

I still show up for them

I guess, I am their sunlight

I check up on them whether they want me to

I am their to answer their 4 am calls

but have no one pick mine up

So, as I am sitting here on Saturday morning sipping my coffee,

and my sunlight is checking up on me

I can't help but wonder how much pain he must be in

to make me this calm and happy.

sad poetry
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