by sunny boy about a year ago in surreal poetry



Blood moon ascension

Sexual extension

Reconcile existence

The Earth tilts on it axis

Raise a glass to the past

Encompass my mind

Build something to last

Attraction is an illusion

Don’t let it intrude in your movements

Superstitions groove like fluid

Turn the clocks back a year

If I only had you sooner

My dear lunar love

Your presence burns down to my core

There is nothing in life to fear

I’ll cleanse your soul and let your spirit soar

And wipe away the tears

My soul desires your years

And the life within them

You are my Eve

And if there is a heaven

Beyond those golden gates

The infernos of hell

Could not stop me from

Gazing upon your sweet smile

There is an infinity in eyes

Mystical gardens flourish with redemption

Love makes progress

A psychic revolution

Peer through the looking glass

Into the farthest reaches of my cosmic power

surreal poetry
sunny boy
sunny boy
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