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Summer Serenade: A Poetic Ode to Love's Embrace

Summer Love

By Alexandra TzourtziPublished 8 months ago 1 min read

In summer's embrace, love dances in the air,

A symphony of warmth, a passionate affair.

With gentle rays that kiss the earth's embrace,

Nature joins our chorus, a vibrant display of grace.

Beneath the azure skies, our hearts take flight,

Like birds in the breeze, soaring to great heights.

The sun's golden touch, caressing our skin,

Ignites a fire within, a love we cannot contain.

In fields of blossoms, we stroll hand in hand,

Lost in the fragrance, a fragrant wonderland.

Each petal whispers secrets only lovers know,

As the zephyr carries our laughter in its gentle flow.

The ocean's embrace, a symphony of waves,

Our footprints washed away, like memories it saves.

Barefoot on sandy shores, we watch the sunset's glow,

As it paints the horizon, in hues of orange and gold.

Through summer nights, the stars sparkle above,

Witnessing a love story, written in constellations of love.

Hand in hand, we chase dreams beneath the moon,

With whispered promises, as soft as a summer's tune.

In the warm embrace of summer's loving art,

We find solace, healing every broken part.

A season of passion, where hearts intertwine,

Summer's love, a poem eternal, forever divine.

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Alexandra Tzourtzi

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