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Summer’s Glow

The Radiance of Life

By OptimalEdgePublished 28 days ago 1 min read
Summer’s Glow
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

In the glow of summer’s gentle light,

Where every day feels warm and bright,

There blooms a radiance, pure and true,

A season filled with life anew.

Beneath the sky, so vast and clear,

Lie moments we hold close and dear,

Each sunrise bringing hope and cheer,

A promise that summer is here.

Through fields of green and oceans wide,

In summer’s glow, we gently glide,

The warmth upon our skin, so kind,

A gentle touch, a peaceful mind.

The laughter of the young at play,

The golden light of the fading day,

Each second precious, every glance,

A chance to love, a time to dance.

The whispers of the summer breeze,

The rustling leaves of ancient trees,

Each sound a melody so sweet,

A harmony where hearts can meet.

As twilight paints the evening sky,

In hues of pink and purple high,

The glow of summer still remains,

In every heart, in every vein.

So cherish every sunlit day,

For in its light, we find our way,

A season of unending grace,

In summer’s glow, we find our place.

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Hi I'm OptimalEdge. I've been writing my whole life. Writing about realms to escape in, forbidden characters to fall in love with. Sometimes writing opens up the soul to healing, learning, and eventually to living again

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