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Summer of Our Youth

by sarah rosellini 2 months ago in love poems

a tale of loss and lessons learned

With open heart, perfection without flaw

You were the keeper of our childhood ease

In innocence we feasted in your awe

Blind youth: that carefree summer we did seize

Your earthy scent, your warmth against our skin

A time when you were healthy and alive

Still ignorant of our impending sin

No care or thought for how you would survive

The days of ease before we wrest your gift,

With greed, our blind eyes turned from your malaise

We watch you come untethered and adrift

Care not our wake, your beauty now ablaze

The moment quickly fades to right these wrongs

The moment to reclaim youths’ summer strong

love poems
sarah rosellini
sarah rosellini
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sarah rosellini
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