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Summer Itch

by Lindsey Warden 27 days ago in nature poetry

Pining for summertime while cold weather lingers...

Summer Itch
Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

Stepping softly into cold winter’s night

When trees are just sulking ghosts in the snow

Shadows surround me and the cold wind bites

The Earth and I hold our breath, silence grows


We two pale sentries will blossom in spring

Having now gone long with none of your heat

Only your red light can happiness bring

When the weather warms and again we meet.


Yes, on nights like this I long for sunsets

For humid air bathing suntanned bare skin

Just seventeen and in love like the rest

Bottles of whiskey and ready to sin


The nights will be short, the days just too long

For backseats, big skies and soft cricket songs


I'm a mom and a teacher and I write about lots of things - sometimes I dabble in poetry. If you like my words, leave me a heart or a tip, or follow me on Twitter @arkansas_scrawl.

nature poetry
Lindsey Warden
Lindsey Warden
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Lindsey Warden

I am a mother, writer, and teacher. I write about things that interest me, and I'm committed to entering EVERY Vocal contest and publishing writing EVERY day. I plan to jump wildly from niche to niche as I think, write, create and explore.

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