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Standard orange bottle, little white pills.

By L.A. HancockPublished 2 years ago Updated about a month ago 1 min read
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Standard orange bottle, little white pills.

Who knew such small, banal rounds

Could be the only thing keeping me




anxiety is

blue light, endless scrolling,

anything to take my mind off an endless to-do list.

Spinning thoughts, chronic

imposter’s syndrome is something everyone experiences so

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

my inner voice urges.

The white sheets of the bed that I’ve laid in all day,

too anxious to leave its welcoming embrace, thinking

I should wash the sheets.

But that would mean getting up -

Good habits

they say are a state of mind

staring up at the same grey ceiling

do I spot a crack?

the state of my mind is a mess

just wash the damn sheets!

my vision tunnels to black

another panic attack

in the floor on all fours

my position of choice

I dip my head between my hands,

a protective pose

my memorized defense against approaching tornadoes

white noise, dark room

roiling waves of panic


red-hot, fight-or-flight, do-or-die, honest-to-goodness


I need my -


Standard orange bottle, little white pills.

I have anxiety

And it has me.

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About the Creator

L.A. Hancock

I'm a wife and mom, and this is my creative outlet. I am experimenting with lots of different writing styles and topics, so some of it is garbage, and I'm totally fine with that - writing is cheaper than therapy. Thanks for stopping by!

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