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An Acrostic By Birithivy Yogaratnam

By Birithivy YogaratnamPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Dually noted, summer is a breeze.

Its the time of year, where all just believe.

Some look for a refresh, some find what they need.

To a few that want to change, its their first steps to succeed.

Really what summer is, is a chance for one to find life.

Although it won't always be perfect, its a great time to end strife.

Countless memories, beautiful moments to be made.

To some its the season of new love, and the season to not be afraid.

Its a moment of succession, where life finds a way.

Or it could be a time to step back, and just enjoy the world day by day.

Nothing beats summers, as we can reminisce about it forever away.

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