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Success Minded Women

by David Del Angel 5 years ago in love poems
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My mind say's be patient

My heart asks till When?

I don't want infatuation,

I want you till the end.

You're different don't pretend,

To fit in with the crowd

For you're not one of them

How? I'll say it out loud

You're So Focused on your goals

That you've written in scrolls

You got success locked down

There's no easy way around

Gotta complete the things you've vowed

No turning back now

Sleepless nights no more wilding out

So you can make it somehow

Success minded women are a blessing

Rather stay focused on the couch comfortable

Then out in the streets popularity flexing

You doing something incredibly responsible

I like your way of thought

Failure isn't optional

Procrastination was never brought or taught

Sleepless nights to make sure it's possible

But you knew that from the start.

Something beautiful never asks for attention

God must be held liable

Since your perfection

Statement undeniable

Allow me to show you my affection

We've already made a connection

We follow the same section

Since Success is what were chase'n

Because we've walked in the same shoe's

We're never confused

They'll Never be a reason to play blues clues

Since We share the same views

News is, I choose you to cruise with

That's faith saying you were worth the wait

So allow me to create

The most perfect Date

Me and you in a different state

Renting an estate with an enormous gate

Wouldn't that be Great?

I know you can relate

Wanting the best

It just runs in our traits

And I know you have doubts

But we pass by the same route's

Just to get back to the house

But, I know you wanna wait and

We can take our time

But I just want you to know, that...

Baby girl if you gave me a chance

I'll show you the true meaning of romance.

I'll take you ballroom dancing out in France

Swear your eyes got me in a trance

I Swear our love will only enhance

So there's No need to heart finance

Just give me the credit and let me advance

Because you had me at first glance.

What do you say

Would you give me the chance?

love poems

About the author

David Del Angel

19 Years Old, Trying To Make My Name Known, DAVID DEL ANGEL In Caps Because I'm Bold 😌💯

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