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Painter's style

By Ma Luo sePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Vianney CAHEN on Unsplash

Poem/ Lin Zhejiang

Not all painters

can distinguish their style

Whether ancient or modern

or Chinese or foreign

The famous painter Zhang Lillian

But particularly glorious

In the contemporary Chinese painting world

has exhibited

Many successful paintings

This painting "Hot Land

is even more colorful - the

the feeling of the eyes

It is a great culture

Wooden table next to the wooden railing

Natural ancient charm vivid

Amid such bookish fragrance

Vases, teapots, and teacups

are placed on the wooden table

Showing elegance

Lotus, garlic, and corn

Also on the wooden table

A beautiful image

Topping the beauty of the flowers in the vase

Meanwhile, a wall lamp

shone nobly on it

Reflecting the beauty

Everything is worthy of praise

Tell me more about the painter

People are also valuable

Those who know

all admire him very much

nature poetry

About the Creator

Ma Luo se

Love is not only a sentiment but also an art。

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