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A Poem


I belittle the world as something expendablePeeking through the fingers of one, I am not sure; I am skeptical

Bewildered by blindness, I do not seek the lightI’m prone to attract darkness; and within it I can’t fight

A curious soul with an intuition so poorI’m as high as the ceiling, yet cemented beneath floors

Toes curdling inwards with one hair to stand tallI’m weak and I am afraid; a carcass; no more

Sweat pouring from the drainpipes of blackened eyesI long to see happiness, yet forever see white lies

A world drowning with an ocean of filled hatredIt’s no wonder we forget to swim and none of us really make it

I know that one more day is not just a choice, but a battleThe straws we choke through will be not under the sky but beneath gravel

Pan across the globe and you’ll notice the innocent prayingIf life is a game, then the developer is the only one still playing

The truth is, we lost before it even startedWe weren’t even planted before we sprouted and departed

My trust for the system is as little as my faithThe greed that pours out is sickening; a mere slick figure of eight

I’ll sit here, I’ll wait, and I’ll keep my eyes shut idleI’m blinded by betrayal, and my decision is likely final

The world hates and it burns, but I’ll sit here manlyI’ll watch the extinction of a species; the flame to ignite gladly

The world amongst the embers will settle and discover peacePerhaps at last the straws beneath the soil will finally let us breathe

sad poetry
Jord Tury
Jord Tury
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