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by Eden 5 years ago in love poems
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A Poem

The vague lady

The gray area woman

The uncertain

The curious

The red lipstick smudged cigarette filter in the ash tray

I wish I knew her

Her veins are rock and roll and pixie dust, she shoots glitter and female lust

Perched in a tree, I take a hit and ponder you, elusive angel.

What is it about you that makes me wonder

What music do you fall asleep to?

You inspire a sweet taste in my mouth

The type that makes your jaw sore

You inspire a swing in my hip

A bite in my lip

A little blood never hurt anyone

In fact it tastes good

To think




Are a precious muse

A lit fuse in the darkness

A faint howl under the moon, barely heard

The desire to just bask in your energy

Drip your light into me, raven haired girl.

Teach me your philosophy

I’ll drip my dark into you

We’ll be yin and yang

The opposing

The contradicting

Forces of life

Such an intriguing stranger

The lady of my dreams



love poems

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