Story of My Life

by The Couch Poet 8 months ago in sad poetry

Don't worry, it's gotten better.

Story of My Life

There is no doubt that I’m quiet

or reserved

or stoic

or apathetic

but why? —

because in the third grade

I got made fun of because

boys don’t do gymnastics

because there’s nothing more demoralizing

than being called a “fairy”

each and every day

because it can be hard

to have great friends when

nobody will speak to you


only queers cheerlead


dance is for fags

when an entire population of people are

constantly telling you how weird

how abnormal you are

you begin to believe them

and once you’re made to feel

so remarkably puny

what is there to show?

what is there to express?

why would you want to showcase

your shortcomings to the world?

sad poetry
The Couch Poet
The Couch Poet
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