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Stories: A Sestina

by Raven Diamond 4 days ago in surreal poetry

A short poem

The weight of it in my hands

The feel of it beneath my fingertips

The quiet smell of it drifts through the air

The words begin melting away

In my over-imaginative mind

A story begins to play with the light of the sunrise

Words are to ideas as the light is to this new sunrise

I turn the page with hungry hands

Characters words echo in my mind

As they come to life beneath my fingertips

Through their eyes I’m transported far away

In their bones I feel the oppressive air

War and love dances in the air

Battle scenes make for a bloody sunrise

True love is filed away

After all, mankind’s fate is held in the savior’s hands

Tears at the unfairness of it all are wiped away by my fingertips

Memorable quotes become etched into my mind

Memorable scene are painted within my mind

Betrayal stains the air

Magic spews forth from their slowly moving lips

They may not live to see the light of another sunrise

Their lives are held in their enemies’ hands

All hope most have thrown away

There is one whose hope was not thrown away

One who has a strategic mind?

And strong steady hands

His overflowing power spills into the air

With him humanity has a chance at another sunrise

Impatient to read what happens next; I bite my nails tips

It seems everyone’s fate balances on the scales that tip

He sends all his fear far away

And defeats his enemies by the first light of sunrise

Now that war is down thoughts of true love can return to his mind

He goes to her as swift as the air

Longing to feel her skin beneath his hands

After a long night of reading it is sunrise

War is over, love is found in that land far away

All that is left is the weight of the book in my hands

surreal poetry

Raven Diamond

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Raven Diamond
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