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Compelled to share

By Shah Fahad KarimPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
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O My Lover...

All sorrow tales passed to me.

Complaint letters shacked me.

I respect your word of inflaming.

I honor your love full of feeling.

The words you choose are right.

Unaware of the reality of life

As a backstage drama scene

You just watch me on screen.

Now listen,

I am compelled to share that,

People admire the love of a lover as

A Powerful ingdrient to React.

I Admire the sorrow of a hunger as

More powerful forgattable to Accept.

People says,

They love the lover mood

I respect it but reality is

The stomach love the provider food

Sorrow of love is weaker

Then the sorrow of hunger

In short,

Due to the short of time

Mid of the night and

Middle of the road

The essense is,

Your Beauty is out of my words

Your Wealth is out of my reach.

But our Heart feel the same.

Our Hurt is the same.

I miss you and you miss me.

But in truth

I lost you and you lost me.

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Shah Fahad Karim

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  • Anna 3 months ago

    Beautiful and heartbreaking! Well done! Check out my poems as well. Have a wonderful day!❤️🫶

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