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Still Learning

A poem on admitting when you're wrong

By Gabriel HuizengaPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
Friends hiking in Scotland - it somehow felt right for this poem! Something to do with being on a journey, perhaps...?

I am still learning

to be wrong;

To admit to myself that

it is not strong

To never need correction;

and to always already know,

(or claim it) is to have

nowhere left to go.

I am still learning that

humility takes time

that getting there takes

a rhythm and a rhyme.

I am still learning

to drop the know-it-all role

and to believe a bad day for the ego

is a good day for the soul.

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Gabriel Huizenga

Twas for love of words that I first joined this site:

Poetry, essays, and dear short stories too;

For to live one's best is to read, and to write!

So find me in words here, and I'll find you 💙

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  • Shirley Belk2 months ago

    Beautiful, beautiful!!! I'm almost 70 and I'm still learning, too!

  • D.K. Shepard2 months ago

    This is a great piece! Loved the rhythm and rhyme throughout! Also loved the line about how getting to a humble state requires both of those. Humility is hard and being a lifelong learner is no walk in the park, definitely more of a strenuous uphill hike!

  • John Cox2 months ago

    This poem reminds me of me. Ouch! Well written and expressed. Great work!

  • Beautiful!

  • I want to credit whomever came up with the quote which concludes this poem, "a bad day for the ego is a good day for the soul," but couldn't find out for sure who first said it! The internet suggested several different characters...but I just wanted to make a note of the fact that it is not original to me! Anyhow, thanks for reading- I hope you enjoyed :)

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