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Just Noise to Me

By A. R. AmbrosiPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

You were once relevant to me

Now your words are just noise

You're not even clear anymore

Just snowy static on a useless screen

You think you can encite me

You think your absence means a thing

All you've ever done is cause me pain

Pain that I no longer accept

I see you


I don't acknowledge you

I know you're there

But I don't give a damn

Not anymore

You're just static

You don't make sense

You're pretty annoying

An indication

That something's gone wrong

Just static

A mess

That I can't clean up


And I can't turn down the volume

Yes, I know you're there

Stop stalking me, psycho!

Are you reading this?

Am I stroking your ego?

You're scary, you know that?

But I'm not scared anymore

I'm annoyed

And admittedly

Mildly amused

I want you to know

You don't faze me anymore

I wish I had seen before

What I see now

You've always been

Just static

social commentary

About the Creator

A. R. Ambrosi

I like to write, if that makes me a writer, then rock on!

I started writing as a child because I ran out of stuff to read. So, I only write stuff that I like. If you like it too, awesome! Enjoy! ^_^

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