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A poem inspired by the decision to shave my head

By Raven Shea 🐍🌙Published 2 years ago 3 min read
5 minutes fresh out of the chair

The sun is shining

But I’m staring at the moon

Thinking about changes

Coming soon

Thinking about changes

Already come to be

The breeze on my head

Gently reminds me

Of a drastic decision

In the name of liberty

A bold statement I’ve made

For all to see

I shaved my head!

No it’s not a crisis

Rather a move of leadership

Much like Queen Isis

Gone are the the layers

Of unworthiness & doubt

Replaced with self love

Inside & out

Raw beauty from within

That’s what this is about

I thought I had to look

Like what I saw on the book

Comparison syndrome

Steals confidence like a crook

Not anymore!

Turn my eyes to the mirror

Looking at myself

I like what I see here

Society says I should look a certain way

Because of my gender

Society says I should act a certain way

Sweet, mannered & tender

Society says I should dress a certain way

Not to provoke offenders

Who the fuck are you, Simon?

I made a statement toward society today

You don’t mandate Raven Shea

You can’t silence what I have to say

Your sales pitch on “beauty” is not okay

In my uniqueness I shall pave a new way

I walked in the salon & sat down in the chair

Wouldn’t you know the woman who cut my hair

Was named Destiny, I’ll never forget

Have you ever shared a special moment with someone you just met?

Last year I told my ex lover my plan

“Shave your head?”

He didn’t understand

He urged me against it

It felt like a ban

How dare I take away the visual pleasure for my man?

So I waited

I allowed myself to say no to my heart

Suppressed by toxic masculinity from the start

I’m talking centuries old

Ancestral suppression

This time around I’ve learned my lesson

Generational feminine freedom

On my 24th turn round the sun

It’s not up to a man

Or really, anyone

To tell me how my life should be run

So I shaved my head not only for fun

But for freedom of expression

& to inspire someone

To the woman with cancer

Who will lose her hair

I know it feels like it isn’t fair

For you I have a message to share

Your beauty isn’t determined

By the length of your hair

Don’t torture yourself

In the act of compare

Show yourself love

Practice self care

You are beautiful, loved

Strong as mama bear

& that doesn’t change

Even if you lose your hair

To the woman with the mother

Who saw your shaved head & cried

Ashamed of your sexuality

Because of some biblical guide

I am celebrating you

Your choice fills me with pride

When she said you were a sinner

Guess what? She lied

Love whoever you want

Dress, speak, & act freely too

Whatever you do

Don’t forget to love you

To the belly dancing woman

Who was stolen into sex trade

I know this is tough

But don’t be afraid

They may take advantage

& cut your hair with a blade

It will hurt to the core

This you cannot evade

Know that once you escape

Karma will be paid

Sometimes we must know

The deepest of pain

To incarnate in future

With everything to gain

To the little girl

Who always hated her reflection

Stop looking outside yourself love

Take time for introspection

Recognize that heart of gold

Don’t internalize everything you’re told

You are ENOUGH

I promise this is truth

You set the standard high

For your surrounding youth

I’m so proud of you

For the person you are

Looking back through the years

We’ve come so far

I know you think long hair & a skinny tummy

Is the way

But I’m here to tell you today

If I can love myself with this buzz cut

You can love yourself with your tiny gut

You are worthy of love

Regardless of appearance

Nobody else’s opinion

Should have any interference

Above all other reasons

I did this for you little Tay

As we step more fully

Into the name Raven Shea


About the Creator

Raven Shea 🐍🌙

Story teller. Spiritual warrior. Dancer. Singer. Sensory energetic healer. Sister. Witch. Teacher. Empath. T1 diabetic. Awakening serpent priestess. Sound meditation practitioner. Energetic doula. Artist.

Come join me in reflection 🔮

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