Stars in the Night

by Jennie CK about a year ago in love poems

Angels Shining so Bright

Stars in the Night

Stars are the people that others have lost they shine brightly to guide loved ones through the night if you don't see your special star it's on an adventure a little too far but while it's away another takes its place though it doesn't shine as bright for you it's still guiding you to a safe place

A star closer to the moon is the one to look out for as being this star it is telling you more than you could ever know just how loved you are and they'll guide you near and far they'll help you find your way even when it's not dark

Written by Jayjay Jennie (c)

love poems
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27 single mother of 3 or as I like to call them my monsters 3 they have made me, me I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for them guiding me through all the ups and downs in our lives

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